Walk in Bethel

Author Rose Mary Stiffin, Ph.D takes readers into the lives of the Suttons and Thompsons as their lives collide amidst racism, revenge, devastation and a horrific secrets.

Nashville Thompson, the wife of Reverend Carl Thompson, is attacked in a cotton field by the white Ferguson brothers, who attempt to rape her until Mike Poe, a close friend of the reverend, dramatically saves her. She and Mike make their way home to avoid the revenge-seeking Fergusons, but end up committing a desperate sin they will take to their graves.

The lives of the Suttons and Thompsons unfold as honest and familiar characters: Nashville Thompson copes with racism, injustice, and betrayal, while Robert Sutton has endured a tortured life of loss and adulterous experiences.

Sutton devises a plan to murder his employers out of revenge for his sister’s death. Alone and grief stricken, he blows into the sleepy Mississippi village of Heathman and meets Nashville’s pale-skinned, green-eyed daughter, Allene. It is only after they marry that Allene learns of Sutton’s horrific secret.

Over the course of generations, from one century to the next, the families suffer death, racism, reconciliation of lost loves, and acts of revenge and devastation. Stiffin aims to provide readers with an unforgettable story that links several generations in an ultimate story of survival that. Her debut novel illustrates that which is forgiven is never forgotten.

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Walk to Bethel