Under Bridge

Immanuel James, author of “Under Bridge,” shares a story of survival in a country that lacks government support for the youth and the restoration of family bonds.

The protagonist goes and leaves his broken family with no money and support to the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Along the way, he meets great challenges that ultimately help him realize who he really is. A story both heartbreaking and heartwarming, James invites the reader along on a spelling-binding adventure while broadening the discussion table of the Nigerian youth.

A read that will make you think about your own path and where you are headed in your own life. His new book keeps the reader wanting more, holding the complex feels of what is fate and destiny; are they real, and how does the belief affect us?

Book Synopsis

Ekwueme is a young man going deeper into manhood as he grapples with how he is going to survive on his own. His parent’s divorce weighs on him as he leaves his familiar home. Umeuge, threw him into the world of the unknown in Lagos, Nigeria where he meets the worst men he has ever encountered and experiences a series of twisted events. This book vividly screams out the mind of a person going through the inevitable process of trying to find out who they are. In the book, James poetically points out the flaws in the governmental system in Nigeria and the education of the youth, or lack thereof, and the limits it puts on them building their own lives.

Under Bridge was published by Eleviv Publishing, March 12, 2014 Houston, USA.

Copies can be purchased on EMBook.club and Amazon.com.

Under Bridge