Toxic Ties Trilogy

Author Micole Williams recently released her sophomore book, Toxic Ties Trilogy, the sequel to her dark, romantic satire, Tangled Web of True Love Tales. Just as armed and dangerous as the first, every character is a suspect. Proceed with caution.

Beauty diva, Deon Devaulle, has it all: money, power curves and technical difficulties in love. After one foolish night and one brutal fight, Deon crashes, and could lose it all. A chilling encounter with an unexpected visitor makes the diva-in-distress realize the root of her demise.

Can she trouble-shoot, reboot and learn to love in High-Definition…or will she sink in this toxic stew that has been brewing all of her life?

This is an uncensored ballad of a Bad @$$ Bachelorette; Proceed With Caution!

ISBN-13: 9781481867733
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/30/2014
Pages: 254

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Toxic Ties Trilogy