Celibacy, What Was I Thinking?

Author and comedian, Tranea Prosser shares her personal testimony in her new book “Celibacy, What Was I Thinking?” The year 2009 was my hardest time dealing with my celibacy. I say that because I took time and dealt with it. I was […]

Single Ladies: Living Holy in a Sexy World

Sonya Waddell shares tips with single women for living a Godly life in her book “Single Ladies” Living Holy in a Sexy World.” As women we have various issues and concerns we are faced with on a daily basis. Society expects us to […]

Only The Lonely Can Play

Houston author Dorothy Eno shares the journey of five friends as they take off the masks that cover their individual battles with loneliness in “Only the Lonely Can Play.” Jasmine Powell’s world is her oyster, until that fateful day she got the […]