The Consequence of Chance (A Juxtaposition)

Thirty-six year-old Douglas Moore was stuck in life’s purgatory; juxtaposed with illusions of grandeur and the realities of living in debt. A kind hearted single-man, he couldn’t figure a way to reconfigure his existence until one fateful day; he became […]

Meet our Newest Author at EM Book Club

Charlie Marcol Jones, educator and relationship coach, is a graduate of the University of Houston, with an M. Ed in Counseling from Texas Southern University. Ms. Jones writes from her personal experience. The result of a failed marriage initiated the opportunity […]

From the Florist to the Forest… Think Deep Before You Leap

Are you ready to be blown away by the truth about marriage? Compelling, real, essential, and authentic, are just a few words to describe, From the Florist to the Forest. Invitations, themes, cakes, floral design and bridal fashions have transcended […]

Until Death Do We Part

After building an empire any woman would be jealous of, Angelica is in trouble. She’s been enjoying a successful career as an architect as well as her fairytale marriage to her high-power attorney husband, who is a prestigious partner at […]


Warren Dwyer is a graduate student in computer engineering. He is brilliant, the spoiled only child of his doting but oft-times frustrated parents, as handsome as a model, and a drunk. But the innocent Cosby Tates sees only the obvious: […]

Groovin’ on the Half-shell

Groovin’ on the Half-shell is author Rose Mary Stiffin’s unforgettable novel of a man who shocked society and broke the laws of decency by not only falling in love with Jessamae but taking his mistress into the bosom of his […]

Boy Bye!: Beautiful Women…Finding Their Way Back

Author Rhonda Hall  shares her insightful tips with women who have been wounded by relationships to help them become whole and move into their futures. Boy Bye! was written for any single woman who has ever been let down by love. […]

Until Death Do We Part

Will their marriage last Until Death Do We Part? Angelica fights to save her marriage that is crumbling all around her. She has built a successful business, and what she believes to be a fairytale marriage. But a fly is about to enter […]