Single Ladies: Living Holy in a Sexy World

Sonya Waddell shares tips with single women for living a Godly life in her book “Single Ladies” Living Holy in a Sexy World.”

As women we have various issues and concerns we are faced with on a daily basis. Society expects us to be married and have children by a certain age, to be a certain size, and to always look perfect.

However, sometimes our greatest competition is us. As we go through this Christian journey we are reminded that it is a great challenge to try and live holy for God in a sexy world. We have temptations all around us. But how do we handle the temptation? If we are to resist then how do we accomplish that task?

The author writes three powerful chapters that will: change your thinking, empower you to present your body as a living sacrifice, and challenge your will.

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Single Ladies: Living Holy in a Sexy World