Rescued by Love by Kendra Adams

Author Kendra Adams newly released book, Rescued by Love, is a testament of God’s Unconditional, Unending and Unfailing love, a “God kind of love” that the author says she has experienced. His love can deliver you out of any situation or any dark area in your life.

When Adams wrote this book, she had those two things in mind … Giving glory to God & encouraging somebody else who may be in a place in their lives where they feel discouraged and like nobody loves them – not even God.

I believe people are looking for transparency and we need to get back to sharing out story, believes the author. Testimonies are effective and they are powerful. That’s what witnessing is about. Not necessarily throwing a ton of scriptures at somebody, but simply sharing what Jesus did for you … and in that – you can still share the word of God.

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Rescued by Love by Kendra Adams