Meet our Newest Author at EM Book Club

Jade Simmons is author of “Audacious Prayers for World Changers: Live and Pray Out Loud.”

At first glance, Jade Simmons, a renowned concert pianist might be a somewhat unexpected author of a book about prayer. But it’s “Classical Music’s No.1 Maverick’s” staunch belief in God’s audacious purpose for her life that has led the inimitable phenom to her trailblazing career. The former youth pastor, and current member of the women’s ministry leadership team at her home church in Houston, TX is in the midst of a career that has spanned the Miss America stage to the White House to some of the most prestigious venues and organizations in classical music. Today, she also has the ear of those looking to do what she has done by turning their creative passions into profitable enterprise. Jade’s belief that her God-given ministry was bigger than Beethoven has afforded her extraordinary opportunities outside of music to influence and impact on a grander scale. Audacious Prayers was created to embolden us to become allergic to status quo, to believe again in the supernatural and in the truth and hope of God’s big promises. This devotional gives us the words and the audacity to call those promises forth in our lives.

Check out her Book by clicking HERE.

Here is one among many of Jade’s Audio Prayers – Audacious Prayer Day 1: A Prayer for the Courage to Go After Extraordinary Exploits

Meet our Newest Author at EM Book Club

  • Jade Simmons

    Thanks for sharing! I’m thrilled at the momentum Audacious Prayers is getting and have high hopes that we all become more audacious in our journey with God because of it!