Meet our Newest Author at EM Book Club

She goes by the name of Holly Charles, author of “VELVET.”

She is a native of the Chicagoland area, and attended Purdue University for her undergraduate studies.  A therapeutic outlet since childhood, Charles found solace in writing music, poetry and prose.  The power of language intrigued her so that after a brief career in television production, she found her calling in the teaching of English.  Her new career provided opportunities for her to research and teach literature concerning the African American experience.  Charles obtained her Masters in English from Prairie View A&M University in May 2013, choosing as her Creative Thesis an independent study, which was an in-depth look at the women in her family.  Her original Thesis, Velvet: the Burden of Melanin and Motherhood, has been transformed into the author’s first novel (Velvet).

Since Velvet was published, Charles has conducted several literary talks and events  concerning the issues of colorism, generational curses, evolving views of womanhood, marriage and motherhood, all directly addressed in the novel. She has been featured on panels, college campus events and multiple radio shows to promote the empowerment of women of color.  Holly Charles, M.A. You can contact Ms. Holly Charles at:

Check out her Book by clicking HERE.


Meet our Newest Author at EM Book Club