The Consequence of Chance (A Juxtaposition)

Thirty-six year-old Douglas Moore was stuck in life’s purgatory; juxtaposed with illusions of grandeur and the realities of living in debt. A kind hearted single-man, he couldn’t figure a way to reconfigure his existence until one fateful day; he became […]


Troubled is a true story based on the life of Maranda Evans. After the tragic death of a few loved ones, she struggles to find her purpose in life over a ten-year period. While losing everything, Maranda forgets what she […]

From the Florist to the Forest… Think Deep Before You Leap

Are you ready to be blown away by the truth about marriage? Compelling, real, essential, and authentic, are just a few words to describe, From the Florist to the Forest. Invitations, themes, cakes, floral design and bridal fashions have transcended […]

Until Death Do We Part

After building an empire any woman would be jealous of, Angelica is in trouble. She’s been enjoying a successful career as an architect as well as her fairytale marriage to her high-power attorney husband, who is a prestigious partner at […]

My Heart and the Holy Spirit – Surrounded by Hell

Have you ever lost a loved one to death, divorce, abandonment, or betrayal? Have you ever been to the point where the pain was so deep, it placed a great big hole in your heart and now you are suffering […]


Ludie, a young unwed mother escapes the harsh realities of being not only a woman in the early 1920s, but also having to endure the imprisonment of being born in the wrong skin. While Ludie seems indifferent to the oppression […]

Change – Build Your Self-Confidence Through Color in 21 Days

Change is about finding your own way to developing new tools for yourself to create a positive change in your life. This book provides you with a few activities that help you understand how you can use color to affect […]


TOXIC TIES TRILOGY is the sequel to dark, romantic satire, TANGLED WEB OF TRUE LOVE TALES. Just as armed and dangerous as the first, every character is a suspect, so proceed with caution. BEAUTY DIVA, DEON DEVAULLE has it all: […]


Warren Dwyer is a graduate student in computer engineering. He is brilliant, the spoiled only child of his doting but oft-times frustrated parents, as handsome as a model, and a drunk. But the innocent Cosby Tates sees only the obvious: […]

Through the Eyes of a Daughter, Fathers We Need You

Through The Eyes of A Daughter, Fathers We Need You is the account of toxic father-daughter relationships and their impact on our society. Part memoir, part exhortation, Through the Eyes of A Daughter, Fathers We Need You draws on the […]