The Consequence of Chance (A Juxtaposition)

Thirty-six year-old Douglas Moore was stuck in life’s purgatory; juxtaposed with illusions of grandeur and the realities of living in debt. A kind hearted single-man, he couldn’t figure a way to reconfigure his existence until one fateful day; he became […]

A Great Day To Live

Taking what could be your last breath isn’t the time to realize this would be a great day to live. Daffodil Keith struggles to break free from the maniac’s hands around her neck. Prayers once tumbled from Daffodil’s lips. Now the […]

Until Death Do We Part

After building an empire any woman would be jealous of, Angelica is in trouble. She’s been enjoying a successful career as an architect as well as her fairytale marriage to her high-power attorney husband, who is a prestigious partner at […]


Ludie, a young unwed mother escapes the harsh realities of being not only a woman in the early 1920s, but also having to endure the imprisonment of being born in the wrong skin. While Ludie seems indifferent to the oppression […]


TOXIC TIES TRILOGY is the sequel to dark, romantic satire, TANGLED WEB OF TRUE LOVE TALES. Just as armed and dangerous as the first, every character is a suspect, so proceed with caution. BEAUTY DIVA, DEON DEVAULLE has it all: […]

Everhome: Birth of the Gilded Hand

You’ve heard it said that what you don’t know can’t hurt you. But that could not be more untrue for Bea. In fact, what she doesn’t know, could very well hurt everyone in Everhome Realm! Written in simple yet detailed […]


Warren Dwyer is a graduate student in computer engineering. He is brilliant, the spoiled only child of his doting but oft-times frustrated parents, as handsome as a model, and a drunk. But the innocent Cosby Tates sees only the obvious: […]

Through the Eyes of a Daughter, Fathers We Need You

Through The Eyes of A Daughter, Fathers We Need You is the account of toxic father-daughter relationships and their impact on our society. Part memoir, part exhortation, Through the Eyes of A Daughter, Fathers We Need You draws on the […]

Groovin’ on the Half-shell

Groovin’ on the Half-shell is author Rose Mary Stiffin’s unforgettable novel of a man who shocked society and broke the laws of decency by not only falling in love with Jessamae but taking his mistress into the bosom of his […]

Under Bridge

Immanuel James, author of “Under Bridge,” shares a story of survival in a country that lacks government support for the youth and the restoration of family bonds. The protagonist goes and leaves his broken family with no money and support […]