The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose

Divided into three sections, The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose gives clear actionable steps young women can take in their spiritual, emotional, professional, physical and recreational lives to help discover their true purpose. It is geared towards teens/young […]

A Great Day To Live

Taking what could be your last breath isn’t the time to realize this would be a great day to live. Daffodil Keith struggles to break free from the maniac’s hands around her neck. Prayers once tumbled from Daffodil’s lips. Now the […]

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is an inspirational book of poems that offers words of encouragement, faith, hope, and much more. Each poem gives a message to the reader that he or she can relate to, in different circumstances. Heart to Heart […]

My Heart and the Holy Spirit – Surrounded by Hell

Have you ever lost a loved one to death, divorce, abandonment, or betrayal? Have you ever been to the point where the pain was so deep, it placed a great big hole in your heart and now you are suffering […]

Audacious Prayers for World Changers

Finally, a devotional designed with the extraordinary in mind! Audacious Prayers for World Changers is written to match the intensity of the already bold and fearless believer while elevating the confidence and the faith of those looking to behave more […]

Celibacy, What Was I Thinking?

Author and comedian, Tranea Prosser shares her personal testimony in her new book “Celibacy, What Was I Thinking?” The year 2009 was my hardest time dealing with my celibacy. I say that because I took time and dealt with it. I was […]

I Woke Up This Morning: A Common Man’s View on Life

Retired veteran Leon C. Jenkins, husband and father of four girls, has seen it all. After battling the everyday of fatherhood and surviving the battlefield of Desert Storm, Jenkins shares his unique perspective: every day is sacred. Can each and […]

Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope is a compilation of scriptures, inspirational thoughts, expressions, reflections and quotations in the areas of encouragement, love, relationships, friendships, and salvation. Life can be difficult and challenging; often, this can lead to frustration and despair. The good […]

Embracing Bootstrap Leadership: Moving from Humble Beginnings to Christ-Centered Leadership

Pastor Walter August, Jr. of the Church at Bethel’s Family in Houston, Texas shares tips for becoming a leader and making a difference in the lives of others in his debut book. “Most people don’t see themselves as leaders …Truth […]

Boy Bye!: Beautiful Women…Finding Their Way Back

Author Rhonda Hall  shares her insightful tips with women who have been wounded by relationships to help them become whole and move into their futures. Boy Bye! was written for any single woman who has ever been let down by love. […]