A Great Day To Live

Taking what could be your last breath isn’t the time to realize this would be a great day to live. Daffodil Keith struggles to break free from the maniac’s hands around her neck. Prayers once tumbled from Daffodil’s lips. Now the […]

Until Death Do We Part

After building an empire any woman would be jealous of, Angelica is in trouble. She’s been enjoying a successful career as an architect as well as her fairytale marriage to her high-power attorney husband, who is a prestigious partner at […]


TOXIC TIES TRILOGY is the sequel to dark, romantic satire, TANGLED WEB OF TRUE LOVE TALES. Just as armed and dangerous as the first, every character is a suspect, so proceed with caution. BEAUTY DIVA, DEON DEVAULLE has it all: […]

Walk in Bethel

Author Rose Mary Stiffin, Ph.D takes readers into the lives of the Suttons and Thompsons as their lives collide amidst racism, revenge, devastation and a horrific secrets. Nashville Thompson, the wife of Reverend Carl Thompson, is attacked in a cotton field […]

Toxic Ties Trilogy

Author Micole Williams recently released her sophomore book, Toxic Ties Trilogy, the sequel to her dark, romantic satire, Tangled Web of True Love Tales. Just as armed and dangerous as the first, every character is a suspect. Proceed with caution. Beauty […]

Until Death Do We Part

Will their marriage last Until Death Do We Part? Angelica fights to save her marriage that is crumbling all around her. She has built a successful business, and what she believes to be a fairytale marriage. But a fly is about to enter […]