Leon Jenkins

The Consequence of Chance (A Juxtaposition)

Thirty-six year-old Douglas Moore was stuck in life’s purgatory; juxtaposed with illusions of grandeur and the realities of living in debt. A kind hearted single-man, he couldn’t figure a way to reconfigure his existence until one fateful day; he became […]

Cooking In Style

Cooking in Style is a story cookbook written by two young girls that have a love for cooking. This book is great for children that are interested in utilizing beginner recipes. This book allows ingredient flexibility; therefore, children can explore […]

The Authorpreneurship Models for Self and Traditional Publishing – Part 2

As noted in Part 1: Writing a book with a business emphasis in mind is much like reaching that bar, striving for mastery. Even if you don’t want to quit your day job and pursue a writing career, your end […]

The Authorpreneurship Models for Self and Traditional Publishing – Part 1

The genesis of the book idea for Authorpreneurship, The Business Start-Up Manual for Authors came as I spoke with numerous authors who did not consider themselves business moguls. It was as if they were afraid that they would become miniature […]

The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose

Divided into three sections, The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose gives clear actionable steps young women can take in their spiritual, emotional, professional, physical and recreational lives to help discover their true purpose. It is geared towards teens/young […]

Meet our Newest Author at EM Book Club – Damili Keith

Damali Keith has been a TV News Journalist for 21 years, getting her start at CNN Headline News while attending Clark Atlanta University.  For more than 15 years she has been an Anchor/Reporter at Fox 26 News in Houston.  A […]

A Great Day To Live

Taking what could be your last breath isn’t the time to realize this would be a great day to live. Daffodil Keith struggles to break free from the maniac’s hands around her neck. Prayers once tumbled from Daffodil’s lips. Now the […]

(Aspiring Professionals) How To Enhance Your Professional Performance and Productivity

Providing the practical viewpoints and principles necessary to help young professionals navigate the corporate ecosystem, this book is a useful resource for learning to manage and lead yourself before you can learn to lead others. Author: Calvin Dickens Email Address: cdickens_57@att.net […]

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is an inspirational book of poems that offers words of encouragement, faith, hope, and much more. Each poem gives a message to the reader that he or she can relate to, in different circumstances. Heart to Heart […]


Troubled is a true story based on the life of Maranda Evans. After the tragic death of a few loved ones, she struggles to find her purpose in life over a ten-year period. While losing everything, Maranda forgets what she […]